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Posted in weaving with tags , , , on February 24, 2010 by shortysmg

I realize I have a few weeks to make up for.  So I figure I’d start with our annual “Knitting Bowl” party.

As is always the case, my good friend Angela hosted our party in her lovely new home.  And Amy’s husband made our annual Knitting Bowl brownie.   I swear if Amy hadn’t already scooped him up, I’d have to claim him for myself.  He puts so much time and effort into his work, and we appreciate every minute of it.  And this year’s brownie was no exception.  It’s so cute, wild animals (Saints) vs domestic animals (colts).  I guess you can figure out who he was rooting for.

The weaving has continued, despite the creative block I’m experiencing as far as color is concerned.  I finished the waffle weave towels, and used the leftover warp to make a scarf.   Then I dressed my loom and started a project that had been on my mind for a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, it was not a success.  I tried several different accent threads in the warp, but none really worked.   The closest to a success was a red suede yarn I got for my birthday last year.   But even that wasn’t the look I was going for.  Better luck next time.

I decided that a more portable loom was needed, so on a long overdue road trip to Forma, a weaving store in Whitemore Lake MI.  I found more than what I was looking for:   A Leclerc Voyageur with 8 shafts.  And a store I will be visiting regularly.  Their selection of coned yarns was overwhelming.  And their classes are very reasonably  priced, with teachers I can’t wait to learn from.

I’m currently working on an 8 shaft Waffle Weave pattern on my new table loom.  I’m only hoping the colors don’t bleed into each other.  



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I’ve been having a really good time with my loom the last few weeks. Despite a few minor and major setbacks.  Once  I finally got over the issues I was having, I ended up learning a lot.  I learned how to hemstitch.  Which once I found a video to help me, was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  And I did a pretty good job with it, if I do say so myself.

After I finished the five natural and gray towels yesterday, I decided to use the warp that was left over to make a scarf.  A huge scarf.   

I used Mini Mochi sock yarn, and loved the way the colors blended.  The towels and scarf are being washed and will hopefully look even better after they are dried.  I’ll still have to hem the edges, which is going to be interesting since I’m not a big sewer.

I also got most of  a charity helmet liner for a friend done.   I hope to get it finished this weekend at our annual “Knitting Bowl” party.

I can’t wait to see and hang out with my friends and have a tons of fun!!!


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Yesterday was yet another example of “One of those kind of days!”  Yet again, anything that could go wrong, almost did.

The fabulous owner of “The Spinning Loft“,  Beth, had ordered  a warping mill for me back at the beginning of the year, and it had yet to be delivered. So while I was waiting, she kindly allowed me to use hers, but she needed it back for a class that was supposed to begin this weekend.  While I was there, she checked the delivery date, and luckily for me it was out for delivery that day.  So, even though I was dying to get back home and work on my weaving I decided to hang out and wait for it to be delivered.  As my luck would have it, I sat and waited for hours.  Jokingly I said that minutes after I gave up and left the UPS man would pull up.  And that’s exactly what happened.  After waiting for more than 5 hours, I decided I had better head home, before the weather turned or traffic home got bad.  (The store is about 45 minutes to and hour from where I live.)  Literally 10 minutes out my phone rang.  I knew immediately who it was, but I called the shop to make sure.  And what I joked would happen is exactly what happened.  Just a few minutes after I left, the delivery driver showed up.  Needless to say, I turned around and went back to the shop to pick up my new mill.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  Sometimes Murphy’s Law is a BITCH!!!

On the weaving front, the 2nd set of towels are coming along great.  I’m having so much fun weaving them.  I finally got the first one finished, hemmed and started the second.  But I’m no cutting it off the loom this time after the disaster warp tension problem last time.

I’m so excited about how the waffle weave pattern is working up.  And I can’t wait to get another set on the loom.

Back to work I go!  Have a great weekend!


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Continuing yet another addiction.  I know, it’s not like I need another, but I can’t seem to help myself.  I’ve become addicted to the Waffle Weave pattern for towels.

I finished the second in the first set of towels.  They ended up a lot better than I thought they would.  Especially considering all the issues I was having.

Almost immediately after I finished these towels, I put a pre-warped 5/2 off white cotton, with 5/2 gray as the accent, on the loom and started weaving.

I’m hoping to have enough warp for at least three small towel.  I’m thinking this smaller size will be more my style.  The warp is set at 12 inches wide/20 e.p.i., on the loom.  So far the take up is less than a 1/2″.  And I’m hoping for less than 2″ of shrinkage, but only time will tell.

Time to get back to the loom.  Have a great day.


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Did you ever have a day when Murphy’s Law pulled up a chair, sat down and wouldn’t leave?  Well that’s the kind of day I had yesterday and today.

The Waffle Weave towel warp has been kicking my butt since day one.  I got so angry with the 9 yard warp, that I simply cut it off the loom and started over from scratch.  The new warp is only 3 yards (about the same as I’ve used for my scarfs), so it should have been much more manageable.  WRONG!!

Almost everything I could have done wrong, or every bad thing that could have happened did.  The warp got twisted when I was chaining it.  I dropped the chain, which promptly came un-done.  Harley decided the loose thread from the cross tie was a toy, and snatched it off.  Once I got the reed and heddles threaded, I moved the beater and pulled all the threads through the reed.  DUH!!!

Luckily, I had decided that this project was not going to defeat me.  So I kept at it.  I fixed everything that needed to be fixed, re-sleyed the reed, and began weaving.  I’m so proud of myself.  I even found a hemstitching video, thanks to the wonderful weavers on Ravelry, and did a pretty fair job of hemstitching the beginning of the towels.

I got several inches done, and figured I should take a break for a little while and enjoy how it’s going so far.


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There are several things I need to catch up on since my last craft related post.  But I’m working on a project right now that I’m pretty excited about, and I want to start with that.

Thanks to the inspiration of the wonderful weavers on Ravelry.  I’ve wanted desperately to weave some Waffle Woven towels.  And also do a better job of documenting my work.  So I’m doing it.

On the warping board.

Third attempt at dressing the loom.

Ready to start weaving the hem.

Hem and a couple of pattern repeats woven.

After first color change.

After I posted the pictures, a friend suggested I needed to beat harder.  And as always she was right.

Project Notes:

The pattern is from the back cover of:
Handwoven’s Design Collection #18
All purpose waffle weave towels.

I’m using 8/2 cotton.
20 EPI.
Total warp ends: 362
Warp Length: 6 yards

Width in reed: 18”
Width while weaving: 16.2.5”

Can’t wait to see how they look after being washed.


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The last few weeks have been very eventful. Craft-wise, and entertainment wise.

I’ll start with the entertainment portion.

I am a huge fan of the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. I enjoyed the movie version of Twilight and was waiting as patiently as I could for the second movie. I waited until Monday, November 23rd to go see it with two friends. All can I say is “OUTSTANDING”! They had to leave quite a bit from the book, out of the movie which is always a disappointment but understandable. But I have to say I was very impressed with the special effects, especially the wolfs. And now I’m on pins and needles to see the third movie: Eclipse.

On Black Friday, my good friend Amy and I went to The Spinning Loft for a book signing event for Abby Franquemont’s book Respect The Spindle. I got a signed copy of the book, which I starting reading as soon as I got home. I also got two new spindles and some fiber.
I even won a fantastic Abby batt in the store drawing.

The event was so inspiring that I pulled out my wheel and spindles and set about getting some serious spinning done. This is the gorgeous Pygora I collected over the last few weeks. This fiber had been on a bobbin so long, I don’t even know what it is or where I purchased it from. I think Harley approves.  I also finally finished the One Day Beret I started while on vacation back in October.  

I also had a major failure with my mom’s Christmas shawl.  I ran out of yarn about 10 inches from the end of the project.  I ordered what I thought was the same yarn and dye lot, only to discover it was a different weight and had a shine to it that was not in the original yarn.  I thought it wouldn’t be very noticeable, but I was very wrong.  

I decided to go in a completely different direction on my second attempt.  Black chenille is on the loom and ready to become a beautiful scarf.  

It’s time to get back to work so wish me luck!