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I realize I have a few weeks to make up for.  So I figure I’d start with our annual “Knitting Bowl” party.

As is always the case, my good friend Angela hosted our party in her lovely new home.  And Amy’s husband made our annual Knitting Bowl brownie.   I swear if Amy hadn’t already scooped him up, I’d have to claim him for myself.  He puts so much time and effort into his work, and we appreciate every minute of it.  And this year’s brownie was no exception.  It’s so cute, wild animals (Saints) vs domestic animals (colts).  I guess you can figure out who he was rooting for.

The weaving has continued, despite the creative block I’m experiencing as far as color is concerned.  I finished the waffle weave towels, and used the leftover warp to make a scarf.   Then I dressed my loom and started a project that had been on my mind for a couple of weeks.  Unfortunately, it was not a success.  I tried several different accent threads in the warp, but none really worked.   The closest to a success was a red suede yarn I got for my birthday last year.   But even that wasn’t the look I was going for.  Better luck next time.

I decided that a more portable loom was needed, so on a long overdue road trip to Forma, a weaving store in Whitemore Lake MI.  I found more than what I was looking for:   A Leclerc Voyageur with 8 shafts.  And a store I will be visiting regularly.  Their selection of coned yarns was overwhelming.  And their classes are very reasonably  priced, with teachers I can’t wait to learn from.

I’m currently working on an 8 shaft Waffle Weave pattern on my new table loom.  I’m only hoping the colors don’t bleed into each other.  



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When I warped the denim chenille on the Ashford Table Loom I thought there would be enough for two 70″+ scarfs. Boy were my calculations waaaay off. I have discovered that I will actually have enough for two full scarfs, and then some. I won’t know how long the third scarf will be until I weave it. But it looks like it may have enough length to make a nice sized cowl.

Surprises are always fun!

Me Weaving

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I thought I’d share a video of me weaving on the 24″ Ashford Table Loom I purchased for my trip to visit my sister.

Blue Denim Cabin #1

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While visiting my sister a few weeks ago. She decided that the black and silver log cabin chenille scarf I made was meant for her. DSC00267 And as is usually the case, where my sister is concerned, I caved. I brought it home, twisted the fringe, washed and blocked it, and am preparing to ship it to her next week. She is lucky I love her, because it’s probably one of my favorite handmade items so far.

I decided I need to warp another scarf for myself right away. So I went through the insane stash of chenille I’ve collected over the last few months, and chose to warp another log cabin in denim. Thinking this might actually end up being a pretty popular color combination, I decided to make my warp long enough for at least two scars.

I wanted to try out the Ashford table loom I got for my trip, but never used. And I have to say, after a couple of false starts, and barring the fact that I didn’t attach the treddles, I am enjoying this loom immensely. And I am very pleased with the fact that in just a few hours of weaving I’m almost done with scarf #1.

I can’t wait to see this one finished and wrapped around my neck!