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Posted in Family, Harley, Job Search, Retreat, video on May 6, 2010 by shortysmg

It’s been over a month since I posted, so as I’m sure you can guess there has been a lot going on.  So much so, I’m not really sure where I should begin.  So forgive me if I jump around a bit.

I’ll start with the “Twill Block” scarf from Handwoven.  I finished it in time to give it to my sister when I visited for Easter.  This visit went from a one week visit to a three week visit.  And I had a great time!

Harley truly enjoyed himself during this visit.  We got a kick out of watching him chase my youngest nephew around the house.  And were amazed at how quickly he figured out he could catch him if he stopped and waited for him to come around again.    Luckily he only got stepped on once.  He barked insanely at my brother-in-law, which we think is because my BIL made so much noise whenever he came in or left the house.  Since Harley and I are used to being alone in the house, all the noises at my sister’s freaked him out at first, but he got used to it fairly quickly.  He even had a great time making me chase him around her yard.  

It was a little sad though.  I brought all these projects I had intended on working on, but all I got done was less than an inch of a Jaywalker sock I started months ago.  All the weaving, and spindled spinning sat in a corner untouched.  Mostly because I went to work with my sister to help her out several times.  I enjoyed meeting her co-workers I hadn’t met before, and getting reacquainted with the ones I already knew.  If it ends up that I get the job working with her, it’s going to be loads of fun doing something I love to do, with people I truly like working with.  So wish me luck!  I think I’d really like living with family again too.  I’ve been living alone for almost ten years, and being a part of a family’s daily routine was very nice!

After three weeks there, I got home with three days to spare before I headed up to Port Huron for our Knit-A-Way retreat.  And all I can say is, I had a fabulous time with fabulous friends (new and old)!  I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I planned to take.  But I did get some pretty good ones.  Especially during an afternoon walk with a new friend.  we looked up the cliff and spotted a Llama looking down at us checking us out.  It was adorable!  You can check out the pictures on my Flickr page.  I also got to talk on a podcast for the first time.  One of the guests at the retreat was none other than “Coggie” of The High Fiber Diet.  She decided to record while we were there and allowed us to join her on the mic.  I got a little outrageous and trashy at points (not meant for young ears), but she seemed okay with it.  And it was loads of fun!  (I’m “I Have the Clap”)  I can’t wait for the next retreat.

The other great thing that has happened to me is my new loom came in.  I ordered the Kromski Fantasia and have been bugging my friend Beth of The Spinning Loft to get my hands on it as soon as possible.  And when it came in she immediately put it together and called me to pick it up.  I love Miss Beth so much!

Now I have to get things together for the return trip to my sister’s.  I’m going to spend a few more weeks trying to impress her bosses so they’ll consider hiring me.  But I have to be back by the first of June.  In time for my cousin’s prom and high school graduation.  And for my parents yearly summer visit.

Hopefully I’ll have some knitting, spinning and/or weaving content by then.