Yesterday was yet another example of “One of those kind of days!”  Yet again, anything that could go wrong, almost did.

The fabulous owner of “The Spinning Loft“,  Beth, had ordered  a warping mill for me back at the beginning of the year, and it had yet to be delivered. So while I was waiting, she kindly allowed me to use hers, but she needed it back for a class that was supposed to begin this weekend.  While I was there, she checked the delivery date, and luckily for me it was out for delivery that day.  So, even though I was dying to get back home and work on my weaving I decided to hang out and wait for it to be delivered.  As my luck would have it, I sat and waited for hours.  Jokingly I said that minutes after I gave up and left the UPS man would pull up.  And that’s exactly what happened.  After waiting for more than 5 hours, I decided I had better head home, before the weather turned or traffic home got bad.  (The store is about 45 minutes to and hour from where I live.)  Literally 10 minutes out my phone rang.  I knew immediately who it was, but I called the shop to make sure.  And what I joked would happen is exactly what happened.  Just a few minutes after I left, the delivery driver showed up.  Needless to say, I turned around and went back to the shop to pick up my new mill.

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  Sometimes Murphy’s Law is a BITCH!!!

On the weaving front, the 2nd set of towels are coming along great.  I’m having so much fun weaving them.  I finally got the first one finished, hemmed and started the second.  But I’m no cutting it off the loom this time after the disaster warp tension problem last time.

I’m so excited about how the waffle weave pattern is working up.  And I can’t wait to get another set on the loom.

Back to work I go!  Have a great weekend!


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