I’m working hard to keep up with NaBloPoMo. So far so good!

I finally decided on what pattern to use for my mom’s Christmas shawl. And after one false start it is now coming out to be a pretty darn good project. If I do say so myself.

Last night I warped over 300 yds of black bamboo weaving thread. This morning I sleyed the reed of my Ashford 24″, 4 shaft, table loom. DSC00548 Then after what felt like hours, I got the heddles threaded, DSC00551 the warp wound onto the loom, and started weaving with the same bamboo thread. DSC00553

Unfortunately, it looked to lacey to me so I ripped the weft thread out. I went on a hunt for a heavier weft thread and found several skeins of Classic Elite BamBoo that I bought when I first started knitting back in 2005. And I am loving it more than I can describe.
DSC00557 DSC00558

I’m probably going to spend the rest of the evening weaving on it. I’d love to have it done by the weekend if not sooner.

Today was also a great mail day for me. I got several back issues of Handwoven that I ordered. And the Handweaver’s Pattern Directory from Interweave. Which I probably won’t look at until tomorrow.

I also got this months sock club package from The Plucky Knitter. I love her sock colors so much! She has a great skill when it comes to dying yarn.

And just because I haven’t done it yet here on this blog, I’m going to share a cutsie picture of the love of my life, Harley. DSC00547


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