Blue Denim Cabin #1

While visiting my sister a few weeks ago. She decided that the black and silver log cabin chenille scarf I made was meant for her. DSC00267 And as is usually the case, where my sister is concerned, I caved. I brought it home, twisted the fringe, washed and blocked it, and am preparing to ship it to her next week. She is lucky I love her, because it’s probably one of my favorite handmade items so far.

I decided I need to warp another scarf for myself right away. So I went through the insane stash of chenille I’ve collected over the last few months, and chose to warp another log cabin in denim. Thinking this might actually end up being a pretty popular color combination, I decided to make my warp long enough for at least two scars.

I wanted to try out the Ashford table loom I got for my trip, but never used. And I have to say, after a couple of false starts, and barring the fact that I didn’t attach the treddles, I am enjoying this loom immensely. And I am very pleased with the fact that in just a few hours of weaving I’m almost done with scarf #1.

I can’t wait to see this one finished and wrapped around my neck!


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