Today’s Distraction

I’ve been trying for two days to go through my issues of Handwoven and pick a dishcloth pattern to weave on my loom, but I keep getting distracted.

Yesterday it was an outing with friends at our local Panera (from noon to 10pm mind you)! Which was loads of fun.

Today it’s been everything from playing with Harley, he can be such a little bugger sometimes. To long phone calls with friends, which is always great. To spinning with my new Trindle spindle. Which I actually finally got a short video clip of.

I’m going to try to buckle down now and get a pattern picked out tonight, or maybe tomorrow.

I think I need a nap!



One Response to “Today’s Distraction”

  1. Harley thinks your salty good! Chief does the same thing. LOL. I can’t wait to get mine and try it out!

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