I’ve completed the move to WordPress, I think. And for my first official post I’d like to share my latest obsession. Tablet Weaving, also called Card Weaving.

I’ve been fixated on this obsession for a few months now, and have completed several practice bands and two actual dog leashes.

Practice Band

This is my first attempt at card weaving.  From the moment I started I was completely hooked.


This band is my first attempt at weaving letters. DSC02557 I spent a lot of time practicing them. I even repeated several letters in an attempt to master them. DSC02558 I also loved the paw prints. They were the icing on the cake for me.


This is another band I wove for practice.  I love the lettering, but it was too big for the number of cards I had warped.

This was the band I was working on when the “Two Pack” weaving technique finally clicked for me.  And I found myself even more obsessed because of it.


This is my first completed, well almost completed, leash for Harley.  The only thing I have left to do is find and attach the hardware.

The reviews on this leash have been outstanding!  And the comments and suggestions have egged me forward to continue weaving.  Not that anything could stop me at this point.

DSC02676DSC02678 This is my second leash.  It is not as successful, in my opinion, as my first leash.  The lettering I chose for the first half ended up being to elaborate.  Which made reading the words more difficult than I would have liked.

For the second half I used a much simpler lettering, and it looks much better than the first half.  Despite my opinion on it, several of my friends have told me they can read it with no problems.

This has been a learning experience that I have enjoyed more than I can say.  The weaving has helped me relieve some of the anxiety that being recently unemployed has caused.  And it has also led me to several possibilities for my future.  It’s helped me to re-learn several things I already knew, but weren’t practicing.  For example, I need to remember to have a clear, documented, idea of what I want my finished project to be before I begin.  Which in the case of my second leash I didn’t have.  And it shows in the misaligned lettering that ended up with.  Live and Learn, right?  I certainly have.    Also, I’m learning to slow down and enjoy the process, not just the end project.  The process of weaving is as much fun, if not more fun than having an actual finished object.

I hope you all like the new blog.  So far I like it a lot!  We’ll have to wait and see how it all ends up.

For now I’m off to chart up the design for leash number three!  Have a great week everyone!


One Response to “THE MOVE IS OVER…maybe”

  1. Was it easy to move your blog over? I like the looks of wordpress, but I haven’t looked into making a switch.

    My crafty lesson this summer is to sloooow doooown and check the layout at each step. Like Bob Villa said – Measure twice, cut once. In fabric-land, that translates to measure twice and STITCH once. Ripping out quilting stitches is a pain!

    I love the weaving!

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